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Obama has represented all Americans' interests

Date published: 8/15/2014

Letter-writer John Haynes opined that Dr. Ben Carson is a good Democratic candidate for our next president ["Carson is the man we thought Obama would be," Aug. 8].

Mr. Haynes does not think much of the current occupant of the White House. Could it be because President Obama has done the best he can do to keep all of his campaign promises?

And the scholar Carson has slid into academic obscurity.

I thank Obama for his handling of the economic crisis that threatened to destroy the international monetary system, and I thank Mr. Obama and his two secretaries of state for keeping bullets and bombs from our shores.

I thank Mr. Obama for taking the first step toward good health care for all Americans, not just the Republican few.

I think our president will be able to leave office with a certain knowledge that the country has been better off with his stewardship than that of either Carson or Romney.

I don't care who wins the Democratic nomination in 2016. I'm sure the person will represent the interests of all Americans, like Mr. Obama has done, not just the interests of rich white men.

Dirk Neyhart

Berkeley, Calif.