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Lax parenting breeds bad behavior

Date published: 8/17/2014

Lax parenting breeds bad behavior

This is in response to the Aug. 7 letters concerning road rage ["Highway civility seems to be thing of the past" and "Road rage is another name for bullying"].

The only thing about road rage I can't figure out is why the rest of the world seems to be at such a loss about what's actually causing it. Consider this:

I'm willing to bet that at least half the people who complain about road rage (not to mention the countless other examples of New Age moral decay and social deterioration) have children who they allow to run wild with absolute impunity while immediately and without question giving in to the little darlings' every screaming demand, all in today's higher interest of political correctness.

Long story short: They themselves are most likely breeding it at home.

Spoiled, undisciplined, over-privileged, over-entitled, self-centered, worthless kids just grow up to be spoiled, undisciplined, over-privileged, over-entitled, self-centered worthless adults. There is your problem.

It's not rocket science; at least it wasn't in the days when intelligence was standard equipment.

Timothy Bair