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Other nations must intervene to stop ISIS

Date published: 8/20/2014

Other nations must intervene to stop ISIS

The barbarism of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is shocking the whole world. It is no wonder that the Iraqi army ran away from them; they were terrified of their ferocity and unequaled thirst for blood.

This murderous bunch has got to be stopped now, no matter what it takes. Their killing orgy cannot be tolerated by the civilized world.

They are opportunists hungry for power and have taken advantage of two countries in turmoil to establish their reign of terror that, if unchecked, will reach every corner of the globe.

It is time to send the U.S. Marines, the British Commandos, the French Foreign Legion and other elite soldiers from the various nations of the world to stop the madness.

These Islamists are worse than rabid dogs. The only way to deny them any more victims is to eliminate them from the face of the Earth.

Louis Ginesi Dominguez