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A different location better for baseball

Date published: 8/20/2014

Some time ago I posted a comment to the "Baseball in the 'Burg" Facebook page about the vacant area bordered by Hood Road, U.S. 1 and I-95 as a premier spot for a baseball venue.

It would draw people right off I-95, be a "lighthouse" for the Fredericksburg area and would lend itself to improvement of this southern doorstep to the Fredericksburg area.

The "'Burg" people informed me that since that area is Spotsylvania County, some technicality with Major League Baseball wouldn't allow use of that land just outside of the city limits.

So now I read about the difficulties that the city and the other sponsors are running into trying to hide a ballpark out of sight, up U.S. 17 in Celebrate Virginia ["Rising costs put stadium in jeopardy," Aug. 14].

Construction overruns due to hilly topology, I believe, is what I read about in the FLS a few days ago; there's none of that at my site!

I just wish others could see the vision I see and the potential for what a minor league park in the right place could do for promoting the Fredericksburg area--and care enough to work with MLB to see the vision, as well.

But instead, let's take the easy road and stick the thing where no one will see it!

Tim Fahey