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Figuring out the yardstick in Stafford

Date published: 8/20/2014

Figuring out the yardstick in Stafford

This is in response to the July 28 article titled "Stafford schools to receive review," which raises my first question: How many of the recommendations or measures cited during the last efficiency review were incorporated or closed out?

Second, a comparative analysis among other districts provides a dashboard of student populations and salaries, but should not be used as a salary-negotiating tool.

We are Stafford County; we should be judged upon our own merits and governance associated with fiscal leadership and distributed income. Stop trying to figure out what to measure and learn how to measure!

Shared services and efficiency reviews are synonymous--evaluate policies, procedures, operations and administrative management services as they pertain to applicable requirements.

While administration seems to have grown over the years, perhaps eligible senior employees within the existing system could embrace some "replicating governance" activities at the consumer level.

At times, clarifying the problem to measure seems difficult to measure within the Stafford County framework and its distributed funds network.

More importantly, when any comparative analysis is performed, how often are dependent students directly associated with a federal or military member incorporated (Federal Impact Aid Program) into the analysis?

Stafford County public schools could be missing a tremendous opportunity to be eligible for the Federal Impact Aid Program. If forms are not voluntary, but required and processed each year, it could better balance our fiscal resources.

John Bridges