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Amrhine's column on GOP was a winner

Date published: 8/21/2014

Amrhine's column on GOP was a winner

I want to respond to Richard Amrhine's Aug. 10 column about how the Republican party seems to be trying to chase voters off. This article made good sense and, I hope, put some things in perspective for many of your readers. The points he made were spot-on and are things I have always believed, but was never able to put into words so clearly.

It really does make a person wonder what the more extreme conservatives could be thinking when they repeatedly offend and insult women and immigrants. Their overall policy and mindset is so strident that I can't imagine how any fair-minded person could agree and support them. You would have thought that those who are religious would be outraged at the lack of "Christian" values and compassion being shown by their party with regards to the treatment and future of immigrants (legal or otherwise) and for the aid of the underprivileged, both young and old.

Example: They don't want to pay for welfare or food stamps, but can't allow the extremely personal decision to end an unwanted pregnancy or even to avoid the pregnancy to begin with. You can't have it both ways. It seems as though this "Know Nothing" faction is running the party.

I am especially confounded that women could vote for candidates who don't think women should have any choices about their own lives, or for candidates who don't believe that women should earn the same salary as a man with the same qualifications. Talk about voting against your own self interests!

Please go to the polls this November and vote for the people you know will have your best interests at heart. I hope you vote for Mark Warner for re-election to the U.S. Senate and Norm Mosher for the U.S. Congress.

Nancy Lambert

King George