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In 7th District, vote against tea party

Date published: 8/24/2014

In 7th District, vote against tea party

It was with great interest that I read Marc Munroe Dion's August 11 editorial titled, "You say you want a revolution?" I agree with Mr. Dion's fear that America is headed for a revolution. That fear is fueled every time I pass by one of the tea party's homemade billboards which are being erected everywhere. These billboards are meant to incite anger and hate toward our government. In my opinion, they come as close as they can get to advocating a revolution and suggesting the overthrow of our government without directly saying so.

Congress has become a nonfunctioning entity since tea party members started getting elected. There are just enough of them in Congress to stop passage of laws and budgets. If they don't get their way, nothing gets done. The word "compromise" is not in their vocabulary. Prior to the recent congressional recess, several major issues were being considered for a vote. Tea party members rallied together to keep the bills from getting to the floor. Nothing got passed except funding for the VA. Not even tea partyers had the nerve to vote against that.

The tea party rails against big government and its budget. Our government has grown by necessity. We now have over 317 million people. In one way or another our government helps everyone. Since 9/11, our defense budget alone has almost broken the bank. Other agencies such as Homeland Security and TSA have grown dramatically. FEMA is constantly called upon to provide relief for natural and manmade disasters. When the Gulf oil spill happened, people blamed the government for not doing more, even though they didn't have the expertise to do so. People want safe drugs, food, transportation, schools, banks, homes, etc. To do so requires regulations and money. When the government closed (thanks to tea partyer Ted Cruz) people were upset that parks and monuments were closed. No matter what is cut from the government, it will hurt someone. As for the growing budget, all we have to do is look at how much more we as individuals have to pay every time we go shopping or pay for utilities to know that budgets have to go up, not down.

In the upcoming 7th District election voters have the choice of a Democrat (Jack Trammell) or a tea party member (Dave Brat). I want my representative to be willing to work across the aisle. I want him to know that some compromise is often necessary. I want him put what is beneficial for the good of the majority above his own personal agenda. That's why I cannot and will not vote for Dave Brat. My vote is going to Jack Trammell.

Deanna Nicosia