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Homeowners lost out to Civil War Trust

Date published: 8/25/2014

The [Spotsylvania] Planning Commission did not/would not listen to the concerns of those who would be directly affected by the 218-home development on part of the Chancellorsville Battlefield off State Route 3. Ten individuals spoke against it. Many others who attended had similar concerns. Unfortunately, we didn't stand up like the Civil War Trust supporters, but it probably didn't matter. It was more important for the 420 acres to be donated to the Civil War Trust than it was to alleviate any concerns of the homeowners.

More traffic congestion: At times it's difficult to exit State Route 640. Add 218 more homes. Planning Commission: That's life.

218 more homes on well and septic. PC: There's plenty of water.

Does the land perk for all of these 218 2-acre lots? PC: Of course it does. It was confirmed. (That's strange, our parcel of 12.9 acres only has two perk sites on it.)

There was great concern that Battlefield Drive, a private road, would be an access road. Their planning department representative said, "At this point, Battlefield Drive will not be used as an access road." The commission ignored the "at this point." VDOT wants another access road. If it happens in the future, it's VDOT's fault.

One speaker had a petition with 100 signatures opposing this new development. PC: That's nice.

They certainly commented when Robert Howard spoke. For the record, Mr. Howard, an upstanding citizen, is truly concerned about the whole environment, not just 420 acres. The commission was appalled by what he said. "How dare he?" was their attitude.

It will be interesting to see what happens at the Board of Supervisors meeting when this is presented.

Kathleen S. Marcus