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When at work, work

Date published: 8/25/2014

When at work, work

I'm writing in response to the letter to the editor I read in your Aug. 15 issue of The Free Lance-Star titled "Work time is for work." I agree totally with the author. In my life I learned that if you work hard and do your job well, that is how promotions and raises are earned.

When you are at work, that's what you do, work! You leave your home life and leisure activities at home. This way, you get the job done well.

Shopping on the Internet and watching world sporting events are acceptable activities at work? All this could be responsible for is not finishing your work or projects, and turning your brain to mush.

By only engaging in work activities at work, not only do you keep things running smoothly at work, it also helps keep your brain running smoothly. Maybe so many are addicted to the Internet because they have forgotten how to use their brains. This is a scary thought.

Michelle Gagnon