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Progress isn't all it's cracked up to be

Date published: 8/28/2014

Progress isn't all it's cracked up to be

I agree with Karen Owen's Aug. 24 column lamenting the things we have lost due to so-called progress.

One of the things that's predicted to disappear is the printed word, including print versions of the newspaper.

Like Karen, I have always enjoyed reading the newspaper, The Free Lance-Star, as a daily ritual. The online version just doesn't give me the same feeling of comfort.

It's almost like the difference between talking about a hug and actually experiencing the warmth and satisfaction of a real hug. The physical contact of the hug and holding the newspaper in your hands is the very essence of enjoying either experience.

So far, I can still get the "paper," but there has already been a loss, due to progress, I guess, that annoys me greatly.

In the old days, I could read my Free Lance-Star in the normal way of the pages going from left to right. Now, as I'm reading along, the paper blindsides me by switching the reading from left to right to a backward right to left [some stories start at the back of sections and go forward]. I could understand such a switch in say, The Washington Post, a very "progressive" paper, but not in my hometown paper. It's just wrong!

Recently, The Free Lance-Star had a change of owners. I'm sure there have been many changes involved with having new ownership. I would like to suggest one more change to the paper. How about changing the order of reading all the pages in the paper back to the normal left to right.

But, in today's world, that can't be allowed, can it? To do that we would have to go backward, not forward. That wouldn't be progress, would it? Heaven forbid!

Ronnie Stevens