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Some road issues would be easy to correct

Date published: 8/29/2014

Some road issues would be easy to correct

Everyone who lives or travels through our area agrees that traffic is horrendous.

While there are glimmers of hope on the horizon, as VDOT is overseeing several large projects to ease our suffering, I find it inexplicable that relatively easy and affordable fixes are not being addressed.

I will mention only a few problem sites, as there are many that need to be addressed.

My biggest gripe is the Stafford Courthouse area, specifically the U.S. 1 and Courthouse Road intersection.

Why in the world is there not a right-turn lane from U.S. 1 south onto Courthouse Road? We spend a sizable sum to "beautify" the courthouse while cars are often backed up through the wayside and beyond.

In the same area, there should also be a right-turn lane from U.S. 1 north onto Hope Road. Again, an easy fix.

I could go on and on, but like most residents I feel like the voice crying in the wilderness. Help us.

Warren L. Larson III