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On the Spot: Archer Di Peppe page 2
Depending on your point of view, Archer Di Peppe is either the conscience of the Fredericksburg area or one of the region's most annoying residents.

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Date published: 6/17/2003


Q: Who has been your greatest influence and why?
A: My parents grew up during the Depression. They gave me all the things they never had as children including the opportunity to go to college. (Di Peppe graduated from Madison College, which later became James Madison University. He also earned a master's degree from the University of Richmond.) They also loved me enough to say no to me when they believed that what I wanted was not in my best interests. I didn't understand it then, but now that I have my own kids, I hope I can be half the parent that they were.

Q:How do you want to be remembered?
A:As an honest, decent person who wasn't afraid to fight for what he believed.

Q:What's your favorite hangout and why?
A:I have spent most of my days for the last 14 years at my shop. On any given day a half dozen people will drop by to talk about what is going on in the Fredericksburg area.

Q: You suddenly have $1 million, but you have to spend it all within 72 hours. What would you buy?
A: There are many unselfish things a person could do, but if you want to know what my selfish fantasy would be, it would be to buy a sailboat. I would love to sail up and down all the coast lines of the U.S. and up to Alaska in the fall in time to see the Northern Lights.

Q:God just called and said he's giving you an extra hour each day. How would you spend it?
A:I have spent a lot of time away from home working on growth and preservation issues. I would spend that hour each day with my family. They have paid a high price for my political activities.

Q:Your friends would be surprised to learn you know every word to what song? Briefly explain.
A:Small Victories by Garnet Rogers. You would have to hear the song to understand.

Q: What is the most important value you look for in a person? Briefly explain.
A: Courage. We are on the planet such a short time. Without courage, nothing of any value can happen. It is not failure that stops people so much as the fear of failure.

Q: Classmates from your high school would be shocked to learn that you ...
A:have survived this long. Imagine a younger version with much more energy and less self control.

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