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On the Spot: Archer Di Peppe page 4
Depending on your point of view, Archer Di Peppe is either the conscience of the Fredericksburg area or one of the region's most annoying residents.

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Date published: 6/17/2003


Q: Why don't you run for office?
A: I do not like to wear suits and go to meetings. I tend to tell people exactly what I am thinking when they ask me. (Even when they don't ask) I could not vote for something that I felt was wrong even if every constituent I had wanted me to do so. I believe I have been able to accomplish more by being a private citizen and activist.

Q: What is the most unusual encounter you've ever had with a customer in your shop, Neat Stuff?
A:A former student tracked me down after 25 years. He had a very difficult time in school because of learning disabilities. He was able to hang in there and he wanted me to know that today he has a good job and 30 people work under him. Somehow he heard about my shop and drove 50 miles because he knew I would want to know that things worked out for him. He didn't know that I had thought about him many times over those years. Teachers touch so many lives, but in most cases, never get to hear about them. It meant a lot me, so I hope that if there is a teacher in your personal history that made a difference, that you will go track them down.

Q: What misconceptions might people have about you?
A: There are some people that believe that I hate the Silvers. I don't hate anyone. Hatred will eat a person up inside. I do not believe that any special interests are entitled to special favors due to their wealth. I do not believe that any special interests should be able to be a public official's largest contributor without the public being able to find out about it. I believe that decisions that will affect the look and function of the area for years to come should be made by people other than those that stand to make the most money from the development.

Q: Where's your favorite local place to have dinner, and what do you order?
A: Olde Towne Steak and Seafood. King cut prime rib. I guess I have more to learn from Gandhi than just patience.

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