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On the Spot: Archer Di Peppe page 5
Depending on your point of view, Archer Di Peppe is either the conscience of the Fredericksburg area or one of the region's most annoying residents.

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Date published: 6/17/2003


Q: What's the best example of community in Fredericksburg? Briefly explain.
A: I was one of the founders of Rappahannock Area Grassroots, so I tend to like groups such as Citizens against Sprawl, The Coalition to Save the Chancellorsville Battlefield, and the Committee of 500 in Spotsylvania County. These are all groups that get directly involved in the political process to make positive changes in their communities. They all work on growth and preservation issues.

Q: Your public face is one of passion and agitation. How do you relax?
A: I like to read, and I get a great deal of pleasure writing articles for Front Porch Magazine

Q: What are your plans for July Fourth?
A: I am glad the fireworks are coming back to a place near the river. I use to always watch them from the downtown bridge. The river is beautiful and you can see the fireworks reflect off the water. You can see the skyline of Fredericksburg on one side and Stafford Heights on the other. People bring their children and if you pay attention, you can experience the wonder of being 10 years old again. Somehow I don't think people got the same experience from a parking lot.

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