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70 mph now legal on I-95 in Spotsylvania
I–95's new speed limit posted between Ashland and Spotsylvania.

Date published: 12/3/2010

Driving 70 mph on Interstate 95 between Hanover and Spotsylvania counties is now legal.

New speed limit signs have been posted on a 34.8-mile section of I–95 between Exit 126/Massaponax and a point south of Exit 92/Ashland in Hanover.

The Virginia Department of Transportation installed new 70-mph speed limit signs on selected segments of interstate this fall, beating a Dec. 31 deadline to install all the new signs.

Gov. Bob McDonnell had made increasing the speed limit from 65 mph to 70 mph on certain sections of interstate part of his campaign platform.

Today, McDonnell’s office announced that 61 percent of Virginia’s 1,119 miles of interstate highways now have a 70-mph limit.

Rural, less populated sections of interstate were selected for the faster speed.

—Kelly Hannon