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Never Give Up Hope

By Mykel Armstead
8th grade, Edward E. Drew Middle School            


            Ms. Tammie Pulliam, or to me, Aunt Tammie, was married to the late Reverend Rodney Pulliam.  They had three sons:  Jordan, Matt, and Rodney Jr.   Ms. Tammie sings, preaches the Gospel, and she loves her family and even everyone.  She has three brothers, two sisters, and her mother’s name is Alice Marie.  Her late husband, Mr. Rodney, or Uncle Rodney to me, was a singer and preacher; soon to be pastor at Little Forest Baptist Church in Stafford.   That didn’t happen because March 23, 2002 was a sad day.           

    That morning, Mr. Rodney, was taking his three sons for a haircut when the car right behind them plowed into the back of their car.  Instantly, they were all killed as Ms. Tammie waited for them at a nearby restaurant.  Just the week before, the three boys had asked their mom some questions.   Jordan said, “Mom, will we celebrate our birthdays when we get to heaven?”              

 Ms. Tammie said, “Sure, in Heaven, it’s like a celebration.”     

That same week, Matt asked, “Mommy, do we go to school in Heaven?”   His mommy replied, “No, my child.”   

Then, Rodney Jr. said, “If Mommy and Daddy die, can I cry?”    

“Yes,” she replied, “but only for a little while.”          

    Ms. Tammie does a lot of wonderful things for all children.  Every year, she takes up money for kids who can’t afford an education.   Because she loves helping kids with their education, she is my hero.  When she isn’t helping others, she spends time with her dog, Mindy.  She still preaches the Gospel; she brings me joy and makes me laugh every time I see her.               

Sometimes, I think she is lonely, and I lay my head across her shoulder.   Then, I ask her how she is handling her great loss.  She says that the joy and peace that God gives helps her.   She was married to my Uncle Rodney for seventeen years, and they lived in Maryland.  I asked her if her boys had played any sports, and she told me that her whole shelf is full of their trophies.  My cousins were very active and accomplished a lot.  Ms. Tammie’s kids were here for a short time, but I know that God put them on this earth for a reason.               

Ms. Tammie encourages me with her attitude.  She says that if you have a loss, you can’t just sit around!  You have to try to have a good life, help others, and never give up on hope.  Thank you, Aunt Tammie, for showing the world how to keep going when the situation is tough!

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