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Just look up

By Trevor Martin
junior, Mountain View High School  


            More people should look at the skies.  I think that if people would see all that there is in that mind-bogglingly huge space, everyone would be able to move past petty differences here on Earth.             

    My love of the sky was sparked when I was just a kid.  On Halloween, when I was perhaps eight, we were passing through a neighborhood.  As we passed a backyard I saw a line heading up to a man and his telescope.  I waited and when it was finally my turn I looked through and saw the moon like I had never seen it before.  I saw every crater and bump and I knew even at that young age, that this was something I wanted to do.   

I would love to just sit and stare at the sky and watch for satellites or shooting stars.  Eventually I asked for a telescope for a birthday present.  I was rewarded with a cheap little telescope, but I thought it was fantastic.  I would take it out to my backyard and turn it to the stars or the moon.  It worked, but it was just a little thing.           

    A few years later I asked for a bigger one.  My parents got me an excellent one, with not only a motor, but the ability to really see into the sky.  I would turn it to Saturn and could, for the first time, clearly see the rings.  I could point it to Jupiter and see the bands of color going around it.  It was like something out of a movie.               

The most amazing thing however, would be to just find an empty spot in the sky, turn the viewfinder there, and be amazed to see countless stars through the eyepiece.  The thought of all those balls of fire and heat made my problems on this little world feel insignificant.               

I think that this quote by astronaut Edgar Mitchell sums up my point: “From out there on the moon, international politics look so petty.”  I feel that if more people would just look up, then we might be able to move forward without all this fighting over petty squabbles, and differences that really are just skin deep. 

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