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First Ballet of Snow

By Lizzie Walker
10th grade, Stafford High School  

            The first time I performed in a Ballet show was an embarrassing, but funny memory. I was six years old and ecstatic to be performing on stage. I had never experienced what it felt like to run out from the curtains, lights beaming down on you, and hundreds of people watching. I remember watching and looking up to the older girls. I told my mom I admired them and wished to be like them one day.        

      On the day of the show, I wore a sparkly yellow costume with my hair pulled back into a bun with white flowers around it. I had new pink tights and ballet shoes. I remember feeling very pretty as my mom put lipstick and blush on me.  As my friends and I waited backstage, we practiced our dance with our teacher. We were nervous and excited at the same time.             

Lined up backstage, we were the next dance. I was the first one to run out. It made me worry because I strived to do it perfectly. I had my arms in position and was ready to run to the middle of the stage to do my spin. I could see my teacher on the other side of the stage, waving to us while the bigger girls danced. I waved back with a huge smile on my face. I couldn’t wait any longer!            

 Everyone behind me started pushing me to go and telling me it was our turn, but I knew it wasn’t the correct music. I second guessed myself and ran out onto the stage with the biggest smile on my face … then I stopped in the middle of the stage and realized no one was following me.             

I looked at my teacher; she was waving her hands saying “No! Not yet!” I was upset and embarrassed. I ran off the stage crying. My teacher encouraged me to go back out, but I couldn’t. I remember watching from the curtains and wishing I was dancing with my friends. At the end of the show, my teacher carried me on stage with her for the final bow. I really appreciated that she did this for me.                  

My family gave me flowers and took many pictures. Although, I was relieved they were still proud, I told my mom I never wanted to do ballet again. The following year, she and my grandma encouraged me not to give up and took me to ballet class.  I kept going and got better. Over the past eleven years of ballet, I have been blessed with many roles and performances.  This past winter, I played the role of Clara in the Nutcracker with the same teacher watching me from backstage.  It is another memory I won’t forget.

Dance is my passion, and I am very glad I never quit. I thank my mom, grandma, and ballet teacher for having faith in me. I am proud of my hard work and motivation to keep going. I learned this mistake is a memory that helped me believe in myself, never give up, and follow my dreams.

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