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Poll results: Is Kalahari right for Fredericksburg?
More than 1,800 votes came in as the city considers whether to support a huge water park in Fredericksburg.

  • Mayor calls for Expo talks to halt while Kalahari decision is discussed
  • Kalahari is just the latest of many incentive deals
  • PHOTOS: View images from the resort in Sandusky Ohio provided by Stafford resident Clint Novak
  • Date published: 1/15/2008

    As of 5 p.m., 1,835 votes have been cast. Log in below to discuss the proposal and share YOUR thoughts.

    Of those votes, here's the breakdown:

    40 PERCENT - Yes! It'll boost local tourism and provide much-needed tax revenue to the city. The added jobs are another bonus.

    47 PERCENT - No! The incentives the city is offering greatly reduce the tax benefits. Other concerns include traffic, water, low-paying jobs and the spectacle of a flashy waterpark in a historic city.

    13 PERCENT - Undecided. I'd hope for the best, but I'm skeptical it'll work out for the city and its residents. I'm torn.

    For detailed results - including the breakdown of how people voted by ZIP code, please click here.