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Warren Buffett gets personal page 2
Billionaire investor Warren Buffett shares personal words on his sister, Doris, in her new biography: The Doris Buffett Story - Giving It All Away, by Michael Zitz.

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  • Date published: 4/16/2010


    "Carnegie eventually walked his talk, but only after dallying a bit. At seventy-five, he had given away less than half of his fortune, either because of a supreme optimism about his health or because he enjoyed tempting fate.

    "(He then avoided “disgrace” for all time by making a huge gift to the Carnegie Corporation.)

    "Doris, it should be noted, has followed Carnegie’s dictum far more religiously.

    "If she has her way, the last check she writes will be returned to the payee with “insufficient funds” stamped on it.

    "I don’t want to close without telling you about what I believe started Doris on this path. She—and our sister, Bertie, and I—were educated by a wonderful man, our father, Howard Buffett.

    "His love for us was unlimited and unconditional.

    "He encouraged us to go our own way, instilling in each of us a confidence in our potential.

    "The route Doris has taken would please our father beyond measure."

    — Warren E. Buffett

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