PLANNING COMMISSION NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING February 8, 2023 6:30 P.M. The Planning Commission of the City of Fredericksburg will hold an in-person public hearing at 6:30 p.m. on February 8, 2023 in the City Hall Council Chambers, 715 Princess Anne Street, Fredericksburg, Virginia, at which time interested persons may attend and present their views on the following applications: UDOTAFY23-01 Accessory Dwelling Units - The City of Fredericksburg propos- es amendments to the Unified Development Ordinance to permit and to estab- lish regulations governing the use of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) associat- ed with single-family detached dwelling units. An ADU is a secondary dwell- ing unit established in conjunction with and clearly subordinate to a principal dwelling unit, whether part of the same structure as the principal dwelling unit or as a detached structure on the same lot. The total occupancy permit- ted within a single family lot (a family and two unrelated persons or no more than three unrelated people total) are not proposed to be changed. This amendment would permit a full kitchen for the ADU. The proposed regulatory standards for ADUs include: An accessory dwelling unit is only permitted in association with a principal single-family detached dwelling unit. Only one accessory dwelling unit is permitted per lot. An accessory dwelling unit may have no more than one kitchen, in addition to the principal dwelling's primary kitchen. An accessory dwelling unit shall not be calculated as part of the max- imum allowable density. Together, the occupancy of the principal single-family dwelling and the accessory dwelling unit shall not exceed the definition of a fami- ly. An accessory dwelling shall not exceed: (i) 400 square feet of heated area if the ADU is located in an accesso- ry structure; or (ii) 40% of the gross floor area of a principal dwelling if the ADU is within the principal dwelling. An exterior entrance to an accessory dwelling unit that is located within the principal dwelling shall be permitted only on the side or rear of the principal dwelling. Either the principal dwelling or accessory dwelling shall be occupied by a resident manager. The manager shall maintain current contact information on the accessory dwelling unit permit. The resident man- ager will be the primary point of contact for any property mainte- nance or use complaints and will manage the public services provid- ed to the site. The principal and accessory units shall share public utilities and services. The public hearing will also include discussion of public outreach for the ADU ordinance proposal. Additional public hearings will be scheduled to discuss this item. Information pertinent to the applications may be examined online on the City's website at, or by request for a mailed copy. Contact 540-372-1179 to request a mailed copy. Additional information will be available on the City website, by close of business on February 3, 2023. Please check the Public Information page Any written comments submitted on a hearing item, must include the name and address, including zip code, of the commenter, be limited to 5 minutes or less read aloud, and shall be submitted in one of the following ways: (1) email to (2) U.S. Mail (PO Box 7447, Fredericksburg, VA 22404) or 601 Caroline Street Suite 400, or (3) dropping them in the Community Planning & Building drop off box in the front lobby of 601 Caroline Street marked ATTN: PLANNING COMMIS- SION Comments received before 1:30 p.m. on the day of the meeting will be read into the record at the Planning Commission meeting. Persons requiring accommodations to facilitate participation at the public hearing are encouraged to contact the Planning Services Division at least five (5) days before the meeting. For questions, please contact Taylor Owen, Administrative Specialist, 540-372-1179. David Durham Planning Commission Chair