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VDOT Virginia Department of Transportation Public Hearing Notice The Virginia Department of Transportation and the Board of Supervisors of King George County, in accordance with Section 33.2-331 of the Code of Virginia, will conduct a joint public hearing in the King George County Board Room of the Revercomb Building, 10459 Courthouse Road, King George, Virginia at 6:30 p.m. on May 18, 2021. The purpose of this public hearing is to receive public comment on the proposed Secondary Six-Year Plan for Fiscal Years 2022 through 2027 in King George County and on the Secondary System Construction Budget for Fiscal Year 2022. Copies of the proposed Plan and Budget are available on the King George County government website: All projects in the Secondary Six-Year Plan that are eligible for federal funds will be included in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP), which documents how Virginia will obligate federal transportation funds. For your safety and the safety of the community at large during this on-going COVID-19 emergency, and in an effort to adhere to social distancing limitations, the meeting will be accessible to the public via live stream on social media. Multiple venues and opportunities to attend, observe, and to provide public comment will be provided to include: Phone access, please dial: 1 (866) 899-4679 Access Code: 974-486-221 and mute the phone. Web access, options and instructions can be found here: Citizens wishing to comment are asked to submit written comments to be accepted as part of the public record. Comments may be submitted immediately via electronic mail: Comments may also be submitted by fax: (540) 775-5248 or by mail to: King George County Administration, 10459 Courthouse Drive, Suite 200, King George, Virginia 22485. Comments submitted via mail must be in a sealed envelope that is clearly marked "Secondary Six-Year Plan Public Hearing." Submissions of written comments must include the citizen's name and address. Please construct your comments in such a manner that they are limited to three (3) minutes when read at a typical oral reading pace. For comments provided in representation of a group, the time limit is five (5) minutes. All comments must be received by close of business on Wednesday, May 12, 2021. Persons requiring special assistance to attend and participate in this hearing should contact the Virginia Department of Transportation at (804) 333-3696. Persons wishing to speak at this public hearing should contact the King George County Administrator at (804) 775-9181.


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