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PARADE: Local dojang honors veterans in New York City

PARADE: Local dojang honors veterans in New York City

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Students and staff at Master Y.J. Kim’s Martial Arts Center, a local taekwondo dojang, participated in the 2019 Veterans Day Parade in New York City. They were invited by and marched with The Korean Woman Veterans Association of Washington, D.C. Supporting veterans is important to the dojang. Many don’t realize that taekwondo was developed for Korean military training and later spread as a worldwide sport.

Students wore traditional Korean hanboks to honor the troops. They were humbled to be marching for those who fought and served, both the American and Korean military. This was also a very special year for the parade. Not only was it the 100th anniversary of the nation’s largest parade, but it was also the first time a president attended the opening ceremony of the parade. President Trump spoke at the opening ceremony and laid a wreath at the Eternal Light Memorial.

The students and staff were thrilled to be able to attend, especially with the demands of the grand opening of a new location in Cosner’s Corner.

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