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In past tax seasons, borrowers with defaulted federal student loans could have their tax refund seized to repay overdue student debt. But because of extended student loan protections that were announced earlier this year, student loans won’t take your tax refund in 2022. In fact, all federal student loans, including accounts in delinquency or default, […]

Filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the first step in qualifying for financial aid like grants and loans. However, many students still skip it. According to the National College Attainment Network (NCAN), just 57% of high school graduates from the class of 2021 completed the FAFSA. As a result, many […]


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The U.S. Department of Education has released proposed regulations to improve some federal student loan programs—but many people may be confused about how they’ll help. How you’re affected depends on the loans you have and your repayment plan. Your loans aren’t likely to disappear, but you may find you owe less in the long run. […]

When taking out student loans, you should be able to estimate approximately how much you’ll need for tuition and other related costs. But still, it’s not uncommon to have some money left over. Why You Might Have Leftover Student Loan Money When you take out federal student loans, you can ask for the maximum amount […]

Hundreds of thousands of borrowers have taken advantage of getting their loans discharged through federal programs, for reasons like total and permanent disability (TPD), school closure or bankruptcy. But not everyone qualifies for discharge programs—even though there are almost a dozen of them available at the federal level. Here’s how to tell the difference between […]

The cost of school can be more than what many families can afford. With the cap on federal subsidized loans and limitations based on financial need, some parents are looking for other ways to pay for their child’s education. While private student loans might be an option, parents have the choice to apply for parent […]

If you’ve never refinanced a student loan before, the process can seem a little intimidating. To make matters worse, the information you find on the internet can often be misleading—or just flat-out wrong. That might sound a little disheartening, but we’re here to clear up the confusion. Below, we’ve debunked seven common refinancing myths to […]

Dental school is expensive, which is why many students rely on student loans to cover the cost. Students who graduated in 2021 left their dental program with an average of $301,583 in student loan debt, according to the American Dental Education Association (ADEA). If a dental school grad repaid their student debt out of pocket […]

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