man throwing a wet wipe to the toilet

No wipes belong in the pipes, say Fredericksburg area officials, who add that wipes—even the ones that are called flushable—can cause backups in local sewer systems.

The region’s public works officials are asking area residents to stop flushing baby wipes and other products down the toilet.

“Flushing wipes, even those labeled flushable, can lead to sewer backups and plumbing issues,” said Jason Towery, Stafford County’s public works director. “If you use wipes, put them in the waste basket after use.”

Stafford officials also report cleaning wipes, paper towels and rags have been being found in sanitary sewers at an alarming rate, causing issues with sewer collection systems.

A notice posted on the City of Fredericksburg’s website reminds residents: all the way to the city’s main line, sewer pipes from sinks and toilets are the responsibility of the home or business owner.

“Please do not flush anything other than toilet paper,” is a notice posted on the city’s website. “No wipes in the pipes!”

In addition to baby wipes, Stafford officials also said cleaning wipes, paper towels, tissues, dental floss, tampons, and other sanitary products should not be disposed of in toilets.

—James Scott Baron

James Scott Baron: 540-374-5438

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