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    It’s no secret we are experiencing inflation, and it is hitting us where it hurts most—in our pocketbooks and on our kitchen table. I got wind of inflation in the oddest of ways. I go to Trader Joe’s every week, and at checkout, I guesstimate my food bill—sort of like playing “The Price is R…

      IN A TELEGRAM sent to a 2016 symposium organized by AsiaNews on the theme “Mother Teresa, Mercy for Asia and for the World,” on the eve on Mother Teresa’s canonization (Sept. 5, 2016), Pope Francis invokes Mother Teresa as an example of apostolic zeal, explaining that by following Mother Ter…

        The Atlanta Braves are playing the Mets in New York. It’s the bottom of the eighth, and Atlanta is behind 4 to 3. The Mets refuse to take the field because of a disputed ruling in the previous inning. Absurd, you say. You can’t just change the rules and refuse to take the field.

          Everyone seems to have a view about Critical Race Theory in our schools and the topic of racism in general. Yet the topic of race, racial relations and racism in America is about as complex a topic that we have.

          Prior to Thursday night, one of the National Football League’s most embarrassing moments around the issue of concussions came in 2007. That year, Dr. Ira Caisson repeatedly denied on a nationally televised interview any connection between football and brain injuries. It earned him the nickna…

          From Richmond to Spotsylvania to Fredericksburg, the relentless cry of the governor’s administration, and a vocal group of parents and citizens, has been that public education is failing. And all point to the same point of proof: data.

          We regularly encounter stories of Americans struggling to stay financially afloat, buffeted by the day's economic challenges. So many focus on a woman who is identified a quarter of the way in as a "single mother." She's often portrayed facing impossible demands of holding a paying job while caring for the young ones.


          Content provided by Virginia Railway Express. VRE is waiving fares to thank its loyal riders, welcome new and returning passengers, and help mitigate the effects of an upcoming shutdown of six stations along Metrorail’s Blue and Yellow lines in Northern Virginia.

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