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COMMENTARY: Waiting for my student loan reimbursement

COMMENTARY: Waiting for my student loan reimbursement

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I am thrilled at the prospect of the Democrats paying off all student loan debt with tax money.

In 1970, I matriculated into college and paid for two degrees with student loans. Of course, it was far cheaper to go to college back then.

I wonder if anyone in their wildest imagination back then would predict that colleges would someday have bloated management staffs with all kinds of “Deans of Safe Spaces” and provosts with cool, trendy titles?

One wonders why college tuition is one of the most inflationary of all consumer items. Is it because there are more staff attending graduations these days.

A Forbes article. “Bureaucrats And Buildings: The Case For Why College Is So Expensive,” by Caroline Simon said that the real problem is that colleges aren’t actually incentivized to keep their costs down.

But I digress.

After getting my two degrees, I had amassed $7,000 in student loan debt.

“Wow!” a contemporary student might shout, “like, that’s really cool. I wish I could complete my degree in Marxist Relevancy to Ontological Studies for only $7,000. What a bargain!”

Today, a non-technical college degree is probably the equivalent of a high school diploma issued in 1970. A degree is imperative these days. But tradespeople will probably make more money than those with “soft” degrees.

One must also remember that the $7,000 I paid to attend college was in 1970 dollars, back when a brand new German executive car with a big chrome peace symbol on the hood cost about that much. Adjusted for inflation, that’s $46,948.53 in today’s money.

Even though a non-technical degree certainly does not guarantee a decent salary, at least one will be able to converse about Hegel’s impact on revolutionary ideas with the other baristas while dispensing Seattle’s finest at the Tres Chic Café.

Poor little me, my degrees were not technical, and so I worked in manufacturing and some other relatively low-paying jobs for a while.

So how did I get a job at a solid-fuel rocket plant designing manufacturing processes for aerospace and nuclear-rated missiles and work on projects that involved mechanical engineering, rocket fuel, electronics, ablation, reliability statistics, Reynold’s Numbers and more?

I joined the military and spent 40 hours a week for two years studying subjects that I never thought I could master, for free!

That’s a lot of credit hours, and no college professor ever climbed on top of my desk to scream in my face if I gave a wrong answer. No college ever mandated study hall all weekend for anything less than splendid grades.

And those real jobs enabled me to pay off my student loans.

So, Generous Joe Biden, I know you are wise and fair people. Since I paid off my college loans, I look forward to receiving my $46,948.53 reimbursement check.

One wonders if some people who do not need student loans are applying for them in droves since they may actually be free!

Bob Sargeant is a semi-retired defense analyst who lives in Spotsylvania County.

Bob Sargeant is a semi-retired defense analyst who lives in Spotsylvania County.

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