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Letter: Biden's first year disastrous

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Biden’s first year as president was disastrous

In his recent letter “Biden achieved remarkable success in first year” [Jan. 4], the writer lauds President Biden in a number of ways. Surely, no one can attribute success to this president and his administration after the catastrophic year we’ve just endured.

Consider the runaway inflation that has gripped the country and the effect it has had on individuals everywhere. Low-income families and those living on fixed budgets have been hurt the most by rising prices on necessities like gas, food and utilities. And what has #BareShelvesBiden done to alleviate the supply chain difficulty?

Then scrutinize Biden’s handling of the COVID crisis. It’s a total and abject failure. And what about his managing the Afghanistan withdrawal? A blot on the American record and conscience. Think about the parents, spouses and children of 13 servicemembers killed and $65 billion worth of military hardware surrendered to the Taliban, plus the more than 60,000 Afghans who aided us but were left behind. Success?

And what about our southern border? Over two million illegal immigrants invaded the U.S. this past year. They include, murderers, drug cartels, terrorists and more. An utter failure to protect our nation on Biden’s part.

His disastrous foreign policies killed Americans in Afghanistan, emboldened our enemies, and embarrassed our former allies and friends. Iran is marching toward a nuclear weapon. Russia has amassed 100,000 troops on its border with Ukraine. China continues its threats to Taiwan and widespread human rights abuses. Success? I think not. Rather incompetence and inability to lead.

Wayne Colton



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