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LETTER: Christians sold their souls to Trump

LETTER: Christians sold their souls to Trump

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Christians sold their souls to Trump

Evangelical Christians’ cult-like support of Donald Trump is baffling beyond belief. Their allegiance cannot possibly be rooted in the belief that Trump is a godly person. Apparently they view him as their protector and promoter of their beliefs as if they are relying on Trump instead of God!

Trump is uncaring, dishonest, selfish and for feeding the few, instead of ultra-caring, upright, selfless and for feeding the multitude. Christ feeds the faithful; Trump is the money-changer in the temple who fleeces the faithful.

Consider Christian teachings on these issues:

Pro-lifers’ self-righteousness toward women’s rights ignores “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” If the pro-life policy is a pro-business front to produce more people to grow the economy and military, then it’s evil and inhumane. And would Christ want people born into the world who are not wanted, not loved, and grow up psychologically scarred and abused?

Is destroying our air and water being good stewards of the Garden of Eden that God entrusted us to keep?

Are Christians so paranoid and hard-hearted that they forget “love thy neighbor as thyself” includes immigrants?

On universal health care, Christians ignore “ you have done it to the least of these, you have done it unto me.”

Polls indicate that the majority of Americans favor the issues that are opposed by Trump’s Christian right. How can Christians leave their teachings at the church’s doorstep and sacrifice their souls on the altar of self-serving idol worship by selling out to Trump?

Andrew Johnston


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