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LETTER: Clean energy fails during polar vortex

LETTER: Clean energy fails during polar vortex

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Clean energy fails during polar vortex

“Explainer: Topsy-turvy weather comes from polar vortex,” by Seth Borenstein, AP “Science Writer” on Feb 16 totally misses the point. The problem is people freezing (and some dying) in homes without electricity, all because of the slavish devotion to intermittent, unreliable and weather-dependent “renewables,” such as solar and wind.

All across the country, and particularly in Texas, wind turbines are freezing up, and solar panels are covered with snow, while reliable 24/7 “fossil” power generation has been shut down. And they can’t get to flee in their EVs, because they can’t charge the batteries!

With the misnamed Virginia Clean Economy Act enacted last year, Virginia is going down the same road: forcing Dominion to destroy a system of fossil- fired power plants (thankfully they are keeping the nuclear ones) that provide cheap and reliable 24/7 power with the same renewables that are failing catastrophically across the nation.

This is all caused by the bad government science of CO2-induced catastrophic warming, which is old and invalid science, pushed by well-meaning but misinformed environmentalists. How many times does it have to be said that CO2 is plant food, not pollution?

The latest science is found in “Dependence of Earth’s Thermal Radiation on Five Most Abundant Greenhouse Gases,” June 8, 2020, by van Wijngaarden and Happer, downloadable in preprint. You probably won’t understand it, but search on “slight beneficial warming” and you’ll find some commentaries.

Yes, I am a denier of the concept of “settled science,” and only wish I were in the pantheon of the great deniers of settled science: Galileo, Newton and Einstein.

What we need to do this coming November is to elect leaders and legislators committed to repealing the VCEA and replacing it with sensible legislation to ensure safe, reliable and clean electricity in the future.

Bill Stewart


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