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LETTER: Congress should pass bill to lower drug costs

LETTER: Congress should pass bill to lower drug costs

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Congress should pass bill to lower drug costs

It is urgent that Congress pass Bill H.R. 3, the Lower Drug Costs Now Act.

In 2015, I suffered a pre-heart attack and was hospitalized for several weeks. Also, I have diabetes and thyroid problems. Due to these chronic health conditions, I take medication permanently.

I am a single working mother with two children, and I constantly struggle to acquire my medications due to the high costs. To comply with my health and medication treatments, I am forced to decide between covering other living expenses or my health.

I am an immigrant who has lived in this country for many years. I obtained an immigration status for several years now, but I know that regardless of immigration status, no one should see themselves at that crossroads.

That is why the previous week, Virginia Organizing held a meeting with Rep. Bobby Scott, the bill’s co-sponsor from Virginia, who is pushing for the approval of H.R. 3.

The medicine cost reduction bill is also an act of justice because while millions of poor people struggle with despair every day trying to get their medicines, the big pharmaceutical industry and other big corporations increase their profits by billions of dollars at the expense of the health of poor families.

All Virginia congressional representatives should vote in favor of this bill as an act of social justice and as a demonstration that the health of the people of the United States of America matters to them.

Juana Hart


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