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LETTER: Donnie's anti-police column was way off base

LETTER: Donnie's anti-police column was way off base

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Donnie’s anti-police column was way off base

Recently Donnie Johnston penned a column which displayed his complete lack of knowledge about law enforcement [“Police must stop treating public like enemy,” April 17]. It is because of the Democratic socialists that there is this anti-law enforcement sentiment in the country, which is perpetuated by the media.

I read one interesting piece in which the author indicated that with the Chauvin conviction, law enforcement will be even more aggressive against people of color.

I will tell you what is really going to happen: the law enforcement community will do what is required and nothing more.

Police officers will be less inclined to interact with the public. They will not engage, and as a result you will see the crime rates rise precipitously. The ones who will be hurt the most will be minority communities.

All this talk of defunding or abolishing the police is fodder for the socialists.

The case involving the Columbus police officer is an example of how he had to make a split-second decision to either use deadly force to save another life or do nothing.

If the Democratic socialists keep moving to eliminate qualified immunity, then they’ll have achieved their goal of abolishing the police. Qualified immunity doesn’t give carte blanche for police to violate civil rights. What it does is enable public servants to perform their jobs without fear of civil or criminal penalties so long as they are following the rules and adhering to their training.

Keep in mind that the men and women who serve in law enforcement are there to serve their communities.

But once the community turns its back on them, there is no incentive to live or conduct business there. If you want to see what a community is like without law enforcement, I encourage you to pay a visit to Baghdad or Kabul.

Or make it easy and just travel to Portland.

Neil J. Hornung


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