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Letter: Don't support policies of failure

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In response to a recent letter ["Vote Democrat, stay the course, save America," Nov. 1], the sky is not falling.

The writer compiled a list of many of the things that have gone wrong since our illustrious president was elected. He wants everyone to support a continuation of policies that have put us here. Record inflation, gas prices that have increased at least 60%, embarrassing weakness on the world front (Afghanistan withdrawal, emboldening China and Russia, begging for the Saudis to produce more oil, etc.). The list of failures go on.

The Democrats have capitulated to the far left of their party (AOC et al.). We need to return to our rightful place as leader of the free world, making certain that China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran think twice before they advance their plans for world dominance.

The answer is simple, get back to the policies that made us energy independent, fiscally sound, and the leader of the free world. 

William Ball

Ruther Glen

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