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LETTER: Federal government has squandered its credibility

LETTER: Federal government has squandered its credibility

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Federal government has squandered

its credibility

Endless witch hunts looking to blame rather than solve our difficulties, dramatic flip-flops on COVID, constant scandals, self-centered behavior, incessant squabbling, failure to address our concerns, and a holier-than-thou attitude among our legislators has destroyed the credibility of the legislative branch.

Excessive use of executive orders, power to clarify enforcement of existing law but not to create new law, personal misbehavior unbecoming the commander-in-chief, promoting open insurrection, reckless disregard for constitutional constraints, and the pursuit of personal agendas over national need have destroyed presidency credibility.

And refusal to make tough decisions on controversial matters has weakened the courts.

Folks, our federal government is failing us.

We get the chance to correct this failure every election, but we no longer gather information and form our own conclusions. We are told what to believe by an increasingly biased mass media and allow entertainers and athletes to tell us how to think.

Then, when things go wrong, we deny responsibility.

But the supervision of government rests with the voters. Please, vote with informed care.

Michael Thompson


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