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LETTER: GOP is supposed to be a champion of states' rights

LETTER: GOP is supposed to be a champion of states' rights

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GOP is supposed to be a champion of states’ rights

This is truly an embarrassing time in American history. Never in over 200 years of independence has this nation’s elected officials challenged the peaceful transfer of power from one president to the next over questionable accusations of voter fraud by a minority group of senators.

Millions of military veterans have paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution and the American way of life. Men and women of the armed forces have been engaged in a conflict on foreign shores to help bring “democracy” to two nations.

Yet America is proving incapable of showing them how the federal government is supposed to work.

The old adage, the difference between a circus and Congress is that the clowns don’t run the circus, is no longer true. Partisanship and misplaced loyalty have replaced the fundamental principles of a democratic republic.

Ironically, the Republican Party is supposedly a supporter of states’ rights to conduct certain functions, such as elections.

My daughter and I served as election officials in Spotsylvania County. There was incredible command and control over all of the ballots: scanned, absentees, spoiled and unused. There were a number of voters who arrived at the wrong polling place and they were redirected to their appropriate location.

There were also those who weren’t registered after every effort was made to determine their status before turning them away. All of the election officials signed various forms attesting to the status of the ballots. None of the election officials demonstrated any form of partisanship throughout the 13 hours.

Old Benjamin Franklin was right after all; we could lose our republic.

Steve Robertson


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