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LETTER: ID needed for vaccine passport but not to vote?

LETTER: ID needed for vaccine passport but not to vote?

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ID needed for vaccine passport but not to vote?

There is much discussion these days about vaccine passports. President Biden’s administration is coordinating efforts among agencies to achieve this goal.

The Washington Post reported that proponents “want to make sure all Americans will be able to get credentials that prove they have been vaccinated, but also want to set up systems that are not easily hacked and design passports that cannot be counterfeited.”

Presumably, this is a document that will clearly identify that a specific individual has, in fact, been immunized. That it cannot be counterfeited indicates it will have some mechanism to ensure that those who have not been immunized will not be able to produce a document that falsely reports they have been.

How is this different from requiring a voter ID to vote?

Both a voter ID and a vaccine passport will have to identify an individual (how?); will have to declare something (eligibility to vote or verification one has been vaccinated); and both should be safe from being counterfeited (how?).

Why is a vaccine passport supported by Democrats but not voter ID, and why do Republicans support voter ID but not a vaccine passport, if both seem to have similar goals: positive ID, proof of something, and an inability to counterfeit?

Surely the processes to get the documents will be similar. If we can do one, what prevents us from doing the other?

If an individual can’t get a voter ID, how will they get a vaccine passport? If one can be done online, why not the other? Do not the arguments against one not apply to the other?

I am confused. I hope someone can explain this.

Todd Blose


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