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Letter: Mayor Greenlaw's 180 on diversity office is shocking

Letter: Mayor Greenlaw's 180 on diversity office is shocking

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Mayor Greenlaw’s 180 on diversity

office is shocking

The recent election behavior by Mayor Greenlaw is shocking in its hypocrisy.

Readers may recall that in an effort to be a more welcoming community City Council voted to create a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Office at a cost to taxpayers of over $100,000 a year. Presumably this position would ensure that all citizens of Fredericksburg are an integrated part of the community. As a matter of emphasis, the city’s Priorities Plan mentions diversity and inclusion no less than six times on one page.

Our City Council election just concluded with a varied and eminently qualified group of candidates, for which we should all be grateful.

However, in a stunning display of disregard for our city’s equity efforts, Mayor Greenlaw, in breaking with tradition, publicly endorsed all of the candidates who were endorsed by the Democratic Party. So much for the nonpartisan position that Mayor Greenlaw had previously publicly espoused was in the best interest of the city.

The three independent candidates are all honorably discharged veterans of the United States military. Two are gay, one is Hispanic, one is a business owner, one is a procurement expert, one is a doctor, and one is female. Now, Fredericksburg has no Hispanic representation on council, not one veteran in a heavy military/veteran town, no medical expertise to assist in policy and no business owner to help bring a fresh perspective.

Was there no room in Mayor Greenlaw’s heart to consider that maybe these citizens had something to offer for the benefit of all? Or, is diversity just Orwellian code for you must think like me?

Did she endorse the candidates that she did on the basis of merit? If so, why then bother with having a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Office?

Andrew Hartman


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