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LETTER: My privacy trumps your need to know

LETTER: My privacy trumps your need to know

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My privacy trumps your need to know

In response to John Buford’s letter [“Concealed carry violates my rights,” May 2], the right for someone to carry a firearm is addressed in the Constitution and shall not be infringed upon. It does not matter if it is open or concealed carry.

Mr. Buford’s right to know does not exist; that is covered under the right to privacy. He does not have the right to know if I am armed any more than I have the right to know about his financial status, medical health history or his private life in general.

People who have a concealed carry permit usually go though a class and get certified, then fill out an application and have a background check done before issue. These are law-abiding citizens. The job of the Supreme Court is not to take our basic rights away, but to protect them from those wishing to take them.

Concealed carriers do not have anxiety issues. They just prefer not to be the first target of someone wishing to do harm. If they are taken out first, there is no protection for them, their families or you in a bad situation.

Criminals don’t obey laws, and they will conceal a firearm until they use it. However, they will not know if a law-abiding citizen who also has concealed carry is there to stop them. Buford’s anxiety issues are the problem. Please get better educated on the Constitution and firearms.

Good people are not out to harm you, whether they carry concealed or not.

Norma Perry


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