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LETTER: Nazis, communists, Taliban also removed statues

LETTER: Nazis, communists, Taliban also removed statues

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Nazis, communists, Taliban also removed statues

This morning’s editorial [“Lee statue removal corrects history,” Sept. 15] doesn’t represent many people living in this area. Statues of famous people throughout the world represent some event in history and are a reminder.

What history did removing these statues correct? It’s still in the history books that Robert E. Lee was a master tactician who led the South but still lost the war. It’s still history that he was a Christian and hated slavery and only took sides to preserve a way of life he knew one day would end.

Removing historical statues doesn’t remove events from history, but it is a way of subverting history, just like the Nazis and communists did. There is no honor in removing statues, and those who did it will go down in history as ignorant.

What do you think of the Taliban who blew up the two 6th century statues of the Buddhas of Bamiyan?

Mitch Fournet


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