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LETTER: Obama is wrong on what motivated Trump voters

LETTER: Obama is wrong on what motivated Trump voters

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Obama wrong on what motivated Trump voters

In his forthcoming memoir, “A Promised Land,” former President Barack Obama claims that Donald Trump’s presidency was the result of “millions of Americans spooked by a Black man in the White House.”

I was blown away when I heard that.

Obama has lived a privileged life. He was voted POTUS twice by the people. I didn’t vote for him because of his ideology. I could care less about his color.

During Obama’s presidency, income inequality grew at its largest rate in history, the middle class shrank, opioid deaths skyrocketed and MS-13 flooded across the border.

The American people know that without a middle class, the country becomes an oligarchy, with only two classes of people. No country can survive that without a final collapse.

The people voted for Trump because they saw his promise for jobs, increased wages and a secure border. Most of America doesn’t live behind gates. We don’t want MS-13 living next door.

Americans were also smart enough to look at Trump’s past and realize that all the attacks calling him a racist were coming from the Democrats and corporate media.

Trump is trying to give the country back to the people instead of corporate America, whose ties to Chinese money guide their decisions.

Former President Obama, you are wrong. You live in a sheltered world in your many houses with 24/7 armed security. You continue to blame everything on race, and continue to look at people in groups and by their physical features.

Look inside, Mr. Obama. There are millions of Americans who love their fellow citizens because of what is inside their hearts, not because of their skin color.

Stop trying to tear us apart. You promised hope and change. Instead we got death and despair.

That’s why we voted for Trump.

Elizabeth Brannan


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