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LETTER: Parental notification will ruin boys' futures

LETTER: Parental notification will ruin boys' futures

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There’s another side of the parental notification issue

Eileen Roberts’ arguments for parental notification are understandable, but there might be other vested interests [“Parental rights have long been under attack,” Letters, Oct. 24].

Consider: Joe “Stud” Jones is quite the athlete and smart, too. He’s got a full four-year ride to U.Va., which recruited him to play ball. He’ll major in business and join the family firm upon graduation, taking over the company when Dad retires. His prospects are bright.

Prom night he knocks up Susie Innocent. If Susie can take care of The Problem quietly, no one has to know, and Stud’s bright future remains intact.

But if the Innocents (occupants of the front pew at Main Street Church) discover Susie’s PG and by whom, they’ll insist Stud do the right thing by their daughter. No way is their grandchild going to be born without its parents having benefit of clergy! And they’ll never allow their flesh and blood to be put up for adoption.

Joe Sr. knows Stud can’t handle the responsibility of a newborn and child bride. He sees the bright future he worked so hard to provide for his son gone in a flash. And why should Stud be punished just because Susie couldn’t keep her knees crossed?

Joe Sr.’s more than willing to help the whole situation just go away. After all, he narrowly avoided Stud’s predicament when he was his age, and boys will be boys.

Stud’s dad is perfectly happy to have parental notification stay just the way it is.

John Buford

Bowling Green

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