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LETTER: Parents must share part of the blame

LETTER: Parents must share part of the blame

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Parents must share part of the blame

Dr. Gary Hussion wrote a letter to the FLS recently asking, “Where is the outrage?” as “93.9 percent of Virginia schools scored higher than Fredericksburg.” He also put full blame on our “teachers, school administrators, school board and elected officials,” saying they “are failing our youth miserably.”

You want to know where much of the fault and outrage should be pointed to, Mr. Hussion? It’s the parents and the students!

Schools and their personnel are there to teach and help the kids, but when parents don’t address issues with their own kids’ learning practices, attendance (I only missed seven days of school from K–12th grade) and respect toward the education system, then failure will occur.

Some blame can be laid everywhere. But remember this: Most Virginia schools teach in the same basic manner across the state, so if Fredericksburg is so low on the totem pole, then much of the blame should be placed where it belongs.

Don’t pass the buck, parents. You need to address learning issues with your own kids.

Larry Bickmann


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