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LETTER: Parents need to set a good example

LETTER: Parents need to set a good example

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Parents need to set good example for children

Concerning “Stop indoctrinating our children,” the letter to the editor from Amy LaFrance published on July 18, she should have been aiming for a letter that could have been titled: Fight to set a good example for our children.

I can’t believe that parents act like they are helpless and have totally turned all the education of their children over to the school systems or social media.

During their (and our) education, many theories and behaviors are discussed. Parents owe it to themselves and their children to keep up with what is being taught and when, so that they can discuss these things with them.

And more importantly, parents should personally exhibit the actions, behavior and voices that they would like their children to learn and embrace.

My wife taught elementary school for 35 years, and she would tell me about parents yelling at her about not wanting their child to be included in sex education or about banning books. She would calmly ask them, “Have you read the curriculum for sex education?” (which is readily available in each school by grade level) or “Have you read the book?”

Many who then did so would ask, “What do you think?” She would then calmly ask them, “Wouldn’t you like to be the one to introduce this subject and discuss it with them first?”

How have you behaved that would lead your child to understand proper behavior and actions?

BLM, CRT, vaccinations, transgenders, Republicans, Democrats, Blue states, Red states, socialism, welfare, child-eating cannibals, etc.

Do we just storm the Capitol or say hateful things about those with whom we disagree? Or do we stop and consider how that looks to our children?

Frank Osburn


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