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LETTER: Parents shouldn't be able to tell schools what to teach

LETTER: Parents shouldn't be able to tell schools what to teach

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Parents shouldn’t be able to tell schools what to teach

It’s becoming more and more obvious to all of us that our political processes are a mess. It’s also obvious that conservatives’ willingness to abandon reality for the sake of the latest catchy sales pitch is one of our more serious problems.

Take for example the flood of ads lambasting Democrat Terry McAuliffe for saying parents shouldn’t tell schools what to teach. How dare he?

But in fact, parents shouldn’t tell schools what to teach. We have elected, educated, experienced school boards for just that purpose.

Parents are free to express their opinions to the school boards, and if they want, they can sit with their child’s teachers and school staff to discuss the curriculum. They can vote out school board members if they wish.

Schools are a community resource, and no individual citizen, parent or otherwise, should assume any right to individually mandate what course that community resource should take. Honestly, most parents have neither the education nor intelligence to make any such decisions for the rest of us.

Neither would any of you probably acquiesce to my choosing what your children are taught. It’s just not a workable situation.

Conservatives have apparently abandoned the concept of community, choosing personal freedom over working together. It’s a shame, because working together has brought this country through the hard times of the past and has created a standard of living unimaginable to much of the world.

If we are to maintain a country that allows conservatives to exercise their personal freedoms, then we all must respect one another and work together for the betterment of all citizens.

Not all of us are currently doing that.

Scott Howson


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