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Letter: Republic, democracy are not a coin flip

Letter: Republic, democracy are not a coin flip

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Republic, democracy are not a coin flip

In response to Robert Nelson’s letter Nov. 17 [“Democracy and republic are two sides of same coin”], I understand your confusion, Robert, but that does not change the fact that the United States is a republic—not a democracy. We, in fact, are a democratic republic ruled by a Constitution, Bill of Rights and a set of laws.

Now, maybe you don’t know the difference or why being a republic is so important. I’ll explain. In a democracy the rights of the mob prevail over the rights of one. In a republic, the rights of the one are supreme over the rights of the mob. In other words, your rights end when you start imposing on my individual rights, bestowed by our creator, and the Bill of Rights. That is the beauty of this country and how the law and the Bill of rights protects us all from the overreach of government and well intended elected officials.

And by the way, the Electoral College is there to protect the smaller states from being out voted by the larger, more corrupt states. In other words, it protects the rights of the few from being run over by the rights of the mob.

William Taylor

King George

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