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LETTER: Students need to pay their own debts

LETTER: Students need to pay their own debts

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Students need to pay their own debts

A note on student debt: Government created this situation. Student loans are far too easy to get.

People are seduced into pursuing a college education, amass an unmanageable amount of debt obtaining a degree that is not marketable, then blame others for their poor judgment and demand relief.

We have too many overeducated, underinformed and unskilled people in America. What we need is plumbers, electricians, mechanics and family farmers.

We do not need any more experts in art history or gender studies who are up to their eyeballs in student debt, and wiping their tattoo-covered hands over their teary, offended eyes while blaming the evil, capitalist government for their failure.

If you don’t believe me, try to get a tradesperson to come to your house for a minor repair.

Debtors need to pay their own bills.

Michael Thompson


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