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LETTER: Students should be taught Critical Thinking Theory

LETTER: Students should be taught Critical Thinking Theory

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Students should be taught Critical Thinking Theory

Much in the news, Critical Race Theory (CRT) has merit in understanding the tremendous role African-Americans played in building our nation under the harshest conditions.

But CRT only focuses on race as the driving force behind inequities in our society without addressing the larger problems of distinguishing fact from lies and blind allegiances from questioning conclusions about everything.

Critical Thinking Theory encapsulates all investigative and logical thinking into a four-stage process: gathering information; evaluating information; developing solutions; and critiquing solutions. Thus, it results in non-biased, objective analyses.

Following CTT, one would:

Observe from videos that the destruction of the World Trade Center looked like a planned demolition to impel us into the Afghanistan and Iraqi wars and deduce that this was a conspiracy that should be believed.

Believe the “Big Lie” as the big lie.

Scientifically conclude that the vaccine for COVID-19 was safe and effective.

Realize that CRT is divisive, destructive and inadequate and that all should “not be judged by the color of their skin but by their character.”

Maybe before students receive a high school diploma, they should have to pass a standardized test on CTT so our democracy can stand against lies and diabolical schemes from all who would attempt to destroy it for personal gain.

Andrew Johnston



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