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LETTER: Trump has endured more public abuse than any politician

LETTER: Trump has endured more public abuse than any politician

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Trump has endured more public abuse than any politician

There is a group in society with a negative agenda. It is public, vocal and causes stress. It includes the media and prominent comics and entertainment professionals who add a spin of humor to deride the events of President Trump’s day. They have ridiculed President Trump daily, misrepresenting his actions, words and deeds. It is so excessive that its purpose seems to be to manipulate people against him while supporting those who attack him.

There has not been a politician in our lifetime who has endured the public abuse and defamation that Trump has endured. To those who make these attacks, it must be surprising that he has not resigned or lost his sanity.

Instead, he continues to be well-versed on national and worldly issues, takes actions that preserve our country, and keeps foreign problems in check.

Are the present polls, which are similar to the polls before the 2016 election, another way for these people to mislead unsure voters? This year’s election process of absentee voting and ballots will show how many people have succumbed, and whether the election will honestly reflect the will of the people.

Will the majority again voice their continued displeasure with the issues they cited in the previous election? Issues that Congress prevented from being enacted for four years?

All reports are that there will be a lengthy wait to see if Trump is reelected and if he is supported by a Republican majority in the House and Senate to enact those political changes voters expressed in 2016. We will have to vote ... and wait.

Marion A. Steinbronn


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