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LETTER: Trump, Republicans orchestrated election chaos

LETTER: Trump, Republicans orchestrated election chaos

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Trump, Republicans orchestrated election chaos

I read Congressman Rob Wittman’s response to all the criticism about signing up with the lawsuit to help overturn the election. He mentioned how he vowed to defend the Constitution. Did he forget the 15th Amendment, which guarantees the right to vote for all citizens of the United States?

Why did all the states in the lawsuit have to adjust their rules to prevent citizens from losing their votes? In June 2020, President Trump made Louis Dejoy the new postmaster. He intended to disrupt postal service and confidence in the mail system just before the election.

We all remember the crisis this summer with the mail. Since Trump tried to deny the right to vote to many American citizens, many states adjusted their rules so people would be allowed to vote.

Here in Virginia, we had smooth early voting, which my wife and I did for the first time. Now our congressman has chosen to side with the group that was attempting to disrupt the election and prevent legal citizens from voting. This group included senior citizens and people with illnesses who could no longer trust the Post Office to deliver their ballots.

The votes which our congressmen wanted to suppress were all from legal voters. He chose to side with Donald Trump over the Constitution of the United States of America and the oath he took to protect it.

Remember, Trump lost every lawsuit where evidence had to be presented, not just dreams and fairy tales.

Wittman can vote against protecting the wetlands, giving poor and middle-class Virginians a $2,000 stimulus and against safety for apprentices on the job. The electorate will have forgotten these votes by the next election.

But when you act against the Constitution and the USA, that will never be forgotten.

Alan Mindlin


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