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LETTER: Truth is found in multiple perspectives

LETTER: Truth is found in multiple perspectives

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Truth is found in multiple perspectives

We all say we simply want to know the truth. The first century Gospel writer John records that when the Roman prefect Pontius Pilate was cross examining Jesus’ claim that He was Truth, Pilate famously remarked, “What is truth?”

Some posit that truth is only relative; others that truth is equivalent to facts.

Nonetheless, we all seem to have an idea of what it is and we desire it. So the question becomes, how do we find it?

A 2018 Knight–Gallup study reports that the public feels strongly that the media is untrustworthy and highly biased. It also shows that our perceptions of this bias are highly correlated to our own biases. Therein lies the answer to our search.

We have all had the experience when two respected friends have had a falling-out and have come to us to explain their side of the story. First, we listen to one and later to the other.

Frequently, our conclusion is that the truth lies somewhere between the two. We assume there is bias, unintended or not, from each of the parties. So it is with the media.

We can find the truth by listening to many different perspectives—by purposely and intentionally seeking out different sources for our information. If you like Fox News and watch it frequently, then tune into CBS as well. If you like the Washington Post, then check out what the Washington Times has to say.

There are a number of websites that evaluate media bias and can serve as a guide to picking counterbalancing perspectives; is one of the more respected ones.

Try this for a month or so. You will be amazed at what the other side has to say while coming away with a truer perspective.

Barry Jones

King George

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